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WTB: Giants, Cardinals, Niners, and Cowboys (or any combination), no parking needed.


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I am looking for 2 tickets to the following games, preferably from the same person as a package:

Giants, Cardinals, Niners, and Cowboys.

If you are not willing to part with the Cowboys, I am still willing to consider a package for the Giants, Cardinals and Niners.


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I have the Cards game available. Section 431 row 2 seats 3 & 4. These are on the 7-8 yd line on the visitors side. These are aisle seats with a great view and very little foot traffic because the first four rows are in front of the tunnel.

I'll let 'em go for $150.00 + shipping, which is around $30.00 below face value for the pair. Please PM me if you're interested.

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