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old fedex field scoreboard pieces

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so i have missed going to draft day the passed two years. really disappointed last year because i wanted some of the old scoreboard pieces for my skins collection. well i didt get to go and figured id wait for them to pop up on ebay.............well they did but were selling for ridiculous amounts of money. well now i cant find anything on them or anyone selling them.

now these things were sold for 5 bucks at draft day and they were selling for upwards of 50 online. so im looking to buy....well at least find some or someone that can help.....

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Let me see how many I have left. I bought a large amount for ES at the DDP Party and I am not sure what I or Cricket (PM her) might have left.

well....lol if you have a bunch and landry gets his, would you be willing to sell to me as well. i'm out of school for summer so my redskins rooms now needs my attention (my wife says its my OCD...:))

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