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I'll be attending the Washington Auto Show for the first time Monday and was hoping to get autograph/pictures of Cooley, Sellers and Brian Mitchell with my sons. Can anyone tell me what the autograph lines are typically like?

Cooley and Sellers sign at 6 p.m.; Mitchell at 7.

What time would you suggest getting in line? My 5-year-old is a huge Cooley fan and we missed him at a Bethesda Big Train game earlier this year where he didn't show up. I'll gladly get in line several hours early if need be, but just wanted some info from someone who may have been in the past!


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I went a few years ago. You probably want to get in line about an hour before they are scheduled to start to make sure you get in line. I got Portis, Sellers, Campbell, and Betts' autographs when I went. It was a pretty good time, but Portis was there with Eastern Motors so they only let him sign Eastern Motor pictues, so don't get your hopes if if they don't let them sign the stuff you bring.

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