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08/24/2001 - Updated 02:32 PM ET

Pete O'Brien


NFL: Pete O'Brien

Thursday, Aug. 30, 2 p.m. ET

Dallas, TX : Pete, What's your thought on the Saints' wide receicing corps???...Are Joe Horn and Abert Connell healthy enough to start or Willie Jackson will emerge as a star this year like Albert Connell did last year with the Redskins???

Pete O'Brien: Please don't ever put the words "star" and "Albert Connell" together in the same sentence again. That kid is 100% punk.

But I love Joe Horn and Willie Jackson. They'll get the job done

Who will win it all this Year?

In the NFC, it's tough to say, if Brad Johnson has anything left in his arm then the Bucs could go but my gut feeling is that he's going to be a bust. I'll go with St. Louis.

[edited.gif by wildbillskins on September 03, 2001.]

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Guest fuji869

He must of just saw the clips of Albert Connell from the Jacksonville Jaguars Game when he caught 3 TDs and not from the other 15 games he played.

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Boy, I can't wait until that punk Connell has to face our corners in the last game of the year. If he only plays one game all year, let it be that one! I loved it when he got booed during introductions before the Arizona game last year. I've never disliked a Redskin player more than I hated Connell. Good Ridance!

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