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WP: Colt Brennan on Rex Grossman and McNabb


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Very happy to see he's recovering well. It's too bad that guys like Troy Smith, Max Hall, Tyler Thigpen, Kyle Boller, Drew Stanton, etc. get a chance to play in the league and this guy probably won't.

Here's to hoping he beats the odds. It'd be interesting to see him play.

As for Grossman, it's not a surprise that he performed well in the system. The hope was that McNabb would use his superior skill/ability and get better as the season progressed. Instead he seemed to fight the system and want to improvise, which is how he's always played.

It's just a poor fit. We have the right to bench him for not performing well. Pretty soon he's going to have the chance to go play for another team in a system better suited to him. It'll be fine... when he's off this team.

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