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C-PAC/ Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition- Warning about this group


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Just wanted to run this scenario by you. Also want to know if anyone else has any knowledge of this organization (non profit). Their website http://www.consumerprotectionhelp.org/ doesn't tell a lot.

I've been getting calls from Orange Co, Ca and New York the last week leaving messages about helping me refinance a mortgate loan. Problem is, I don't have a mortgage loan and haven't in about 6 yrs. So on Friday I called them back and politely requested to be put on their Do Not call list and explained that I don't have a home loan. Well, they kept calling all weekend and today. I told them a couple more times (assuming different operators) to not call me. Finally I asked for a supervisor, got hung up on, called back, hung up on again. Called back, asked for a supervisor- when I asked about what company this was (b/c at this point I still coulnd't get anyone to tell me exactly WHO this organization was.- the damn supervisor hung up on me. I wasn't being rude, but I also wasnt' being a push over. But I sure as hell don't like being hung up on over and over just because I'm trying to find out who is calling me. Makes one think that they are up to no good, probably criminal activity.

I located their online site, but it wasn't too helpful. There is no name of who is in charge, no board of trustees. I called the main number, transfered around and got that same supervisor (Roman) who hung up on me. He told me I was harassing him, and I told him (laughing) that I wasn't - I just wanted to make sure I was put on their do not call list, that I wanted to know more about the organization and that I did not like being hung up on. Well, he hung up on me again. So I called back, secretary got me to a legal intern (Andre Armenta) who listened to my story, was very polite and said he too thought the whole situation was odd. He told me who started the company (Gary Lane), an attorney who can practice law in both New York and Cali (now explains why calls came from both states). He took my number, said he would do some research and get back to me.

I told him that what makes this really sad is that people who are supposed to be helping others have no idea who they are working for, supervisors are rude for no reason and hang up on people- and that I'm about to tell everyone I know to beware of them. I still wouldn't have any faith that this is a legit organization.

And just when I submitted this- I located a VERY interesting article online about this attorney Gary Lane


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