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New Android phone Samsung Galaxy S


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Just got this phone on thursday... this thing is flipping sweet. Beautiful screen perfect size not to big not to small... the live wall papers are amazing. The resolution is incredible. I'm excited to get the cynogen 6 mod on it so i can get my flash on.

I usually stay away from samsung phones but this thing is pretty freaking kick ass. I think you can get it up to about 48 gigs of space too which is nice.

I highly recommend you go and check this phone out.

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it comes with a little bit more bloatware than i would like on a phone... personally i like the UI alot... its very attractive. very well organized. the only knock i have is that it doesn't have a LED on the front.

the phone was meant to be sleek though. and the screen size is absolutely perfect. 4"@ 480x800

running quake 2 and theres not a single hiccup its super smooth.

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