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Die Hard, in case you missed it on the other thread


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Die Hard, first off, I apologize for piling on like that, but I've been putting up with this sort of thing for years now, and I'm the most fervent objector of it. If you think you're crushing me by deleting posts from my number, by all means, if it'll make you feel good about it. Put me down to zero, I really don't care. I come here to read and talk football. Way to miss my point. Yeah, I abuse the system vocally for five minutes, but gimme a break. I'm still only at .28 posts per day. Really, start me at zero, and give me a permanent clown avatar, I'll appreciate it.

My whole point is it's not about the number of posts. It's ridiculous. I'm really sorry, I guess I'm the worst anybody has seen. Why don't you just ban me?

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