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The Trial and Tribulations of a bored Redskins Fan in the offseason...


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OK, first off moderators if this is the wrong place for this thread, please point me in the right direction. I wanted to ensure I got as much visibility in order to allow for some much needed feedback from my fellow Redskins Fans.

Alright Gals and Gents... I found myself rather bored about 3 weeks ago and decided to find a project to keep myself occupied. What was the project you say? To make my own custom Washington Redskins Helmet from the ground up.

Now I've wanted my very own Authentic Helmet but never really pulled the trigger as I probably should have. Traversing through the many items on eBay, I've lost bidding wars on a number of potentially prized pieces. Full sized Redskins Helmet with all the Hogs signatures or one with the Superbowl Quarterback signatures just to name a few. I even saw a Full Sized, all Platinum/Chrome Redskins Helmet that had me drooling. (I like Bling!)

Anyways, for some reason I got the lame brain idea stuck in my head to make my own custom helmet. So... I bought a brand new Riddell Revolution Helmet for about $60 at my local sporting store and the fun began.

So basically three weeks later after trial and error I'm to the point of putting the decals on (which I purchased from PrideofHawaiisports.com and eBay). And now I'm wondering...actually worried about making sure the placement is as dead on as can be. Does anyone anywhere have the specifics as in the proper dimensions or measurements between the Gold and White Stripes running down the center? Or the placement for the Logo's on either side? I'm already aware of what direction of the decals should be pointed but as far as the precise measurements or round abouts. Any help, is help none the less. Help me out Redskins Nation!

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