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Layoffs...I just missed the axe, whew.


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Well I just want to vent somewhat and to write it out to clear my mind a little...and hear other peoples stories or perhaps advice.

We've been on tough times at my place of employment. We have around 60 employees that are "expendable" (outside of big-whigs and nepotism)..six small potatoes got the axe on monday and increased to another 13 this afternoon, the second group being the financial-based decisions. These are not necessarily permanent though...we have multiple multi-million dollar jobs waiting for the go-ahead as I type. It's a pickle from a business perspective...between third base and home plate with two outs.

We have six guys in my QA office and one of us was on the list until the last minute, literally. We don't know who but I'm confident (or paranoid) that it was me as the guys I predominantly work with were all cut today. My stomach was in knots and I'm still feeling a bit light-headed two and a half hours later. I've been fortunate so far but anything could happen at any time...even my boss at present was laid off there once before.

For those that have gone though this sort of ordeal, I have some questions.

So, any stories to share, have any of you ever gone postal? :evilg:

Did you come back determined on your next job?

What was your mental approach to searching after that?

Did anyone feel the heat and become proactive on multiple fronts as well?

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