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I dont get Madden Playmaker.


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The right joystick on the controllers controls it all. I will explain.

Running the ball: Say your are running with the ball and there is an unblocked guy coming at you that nobody is going to quickly move the right stick in that direction and your guy will call out the block and they will block him if they are close enough.

Passing: While your back to pass if you see an open part of the field during the play point the right joystick in the way you want a receiver to go. So tell them to like cut across the field or something.

Before the play (offense): If you see a blitz coming before the snap you can change the route of your primary WR by pointing the direction of the new route you would like him to run.

Before the play (defense): You can press right or left on the joystick to cheat your secondary to one side once the play starts.

I hope that helps, its all run by the right analog stick though.

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