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Marty just bought some time (good for fans).....


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As a fan, after the Monday Night debacle, the focus shifted from being in a division/playoff race to simply looking something to be interested in each week. I just want to be able to be excited on Saturday nights-- if we get to 1-8 0r 2-10 or something, I'll watch, but it won't be very fun.

I was really fretting yesterday, but what Marty has done today is buy some time (from me at least).

I LOVE this decision:

1. Banks HAS to be a better option right now in strictly a football sense.

2. I think the team wants Banks to start, I think there will be a rallying effect/boost of confidence.

3. This sends the message that come hell or highwater, this IS Marty's team. He cut Snyder's "guy" and made an example that players WILL be accountable. If the ship is sinking, it's not going to sink with guys who may not be giving their all.

What it also does is grabs everyone attention- all of sudden there seems to be a hightened awareness.

He bought my time.......though Sunday. And that's the process now. If we win this Sunday, they will buy my time through the Dallas game (where we'd have an opportunity to get to 2-3 assuming we lose to the Giants). If we win that game, he'll buy my time through the next Giants game, etc...

The goal now is to simply beat the Chiefs. All of a sudden we're 1-2 with a VERY soft schedule on the horizon.

However, easier said than done, no doubt. There isn't a team in the NFL we could beat playing the way we did in weeks 1 and 2.

What the hope now is that a QB change, an embarrasing start to the season, playing a home game, etc... will all culminate in a inspired, quality performance.

At the very least, they have me interested for this week.

Deep down, I'm a homer, I talk a big game, but I'm a homer. In 1998 we beat the Eagles to get to 1-7 and I actually started thinking about running the table and making the playoffs-- I was watching the game against the Cardinals VERY intently-- of course, we lost, but I was there.

I don't think my light will go completely dim on the season until we get to 0-5. If we're 0-4 and lose to Dallas, that will signal the offical end.

It's simply too depressing to think next year already...again......I can't do it....it's futile. Best I can do is just hope week to week that we can get going and be in the playoff hunt.

IMO, there is NOTHING to be gained from a 3-13 season or even a 6-10 season where you "build for next year" it's a bunch of bull.

I was there in 1998 watching to the bitter end, but those late season wins meant zilch to me....simply a three hour diversion.

What I want is for this team to stay in a competitive situation. At 0-2 we're still there, at 0-4, in a sick way, we'll still be there....after that, time will catch up and the season will be COMPLETELY Lost.

This move today gives me hope for this week...an excitement, however false it may be. At this point, I'll take it. Go Tony!

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I like this move for the very simple, selfish reason that I absolutely couldn't stand watching Jeff George play another freaking down. I have never seen uglier play from the QB position as I have seen in our first two games. If nothing else, I betcha Tony Banks looks better.smile.gif

By the way Ed, wasn't our first win to break that winless start in '98 against the G-Men? I seem to recollect watching the tail end of that game thinking "C'mon you SOB's, let's not blow THIS one". Ahhh, such pleasant memories.

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I wonder if Jef and Marty had a meeting and Jeff got stupid with Marty or if they both had an agreement to move on

At least with Tony in tere if everyone is covered he can run instead of waiting to get sacked, and we all know a scramble or to can open up a passing attack. I not saying this is gonna work but I also feel good about what happened, I do feel bad for Jeff as I think he was serious at the beginning of the year about making this work. I just hope Tony hsa forgotten his fumbling bumblin style of years past

Hail Skins

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Yes, actually you are right-- I was thiking about the game, I believe that was 2 weeks later-- against the Eagles.

Correct me if I'm wrong......we beat the Giants, then we played at Ariozona and lost at the every end--that's the game I was REALLY into. Then, we beat the Eagles to get to 2-8. After that, I kept watching, but the excitement wasn't there anymore. But it was there during that Cardinals game when we were 1-7....hope is great. As long as it mathematically possible to make the playoffs, I will always get up for a game, no matter how ridiculous it is or how mad I get at myself the next morning.

I'm don't see things through burgandy and gold colored glasses though.........just ask Terry smile.gif My attitude is we suck, but maybe we won't suck THIS Sunday.

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kleese, I'm also looking for signs of optimism. I look forward to football season too much, and like you, I just can't give up hope after 2 games. As bad as we have looked, a turnaround like this has happened before...

At a -64 point differential, we are 4th worst in NFL HISTORY at that point in a season.

HOWEVER, the 1989 Pittsburgh Steelers were -82 at this point in the season. And guess what? They rebounded, made the playoffs, won a playoff game and took eventual AFC Super Bowl rep. Denver down to the wire before losing 24-23.

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That's how it goes as a fan. I can cuss them and laugh at them and come on the board here and tell everyone they suck, etc... but deep down, I always have hope. Right now, publicly, I'm saying "all the right things" about this team, but in my heart I'm excited about the Chiefs thinking that one win really could turn our fortunes.

I view Banks a little like I view the Gus situation when he filled in for Heath. Everyone was behind him just because he WASN'T Heath. It is just going to be refreshing to see a new guy out there taking snaps.

If we can just get over the hump and get a win, this season can be salvaged easily. Gotta figure if we can beat the chiefs, that we can beat Dallas and Carolina too-- that would put us at 3-3 facing the Giants in Washington on Sunday Night.

But I'm getting waaaaaay ahead of myself. Right now, we just need one win.

Tuesday I told myslef that the season was over and I shouldn't even watch. Now, on Thursday, I'm thinking of ways to beat the Chiefs. Come Saturday, when I'm sitting in the stands at the OU-Kansas St. game, I'll be downright excited about Sunday-- just the way it goes. Now, I must admit, once we get our 8th loss, the excitement goes away.

My biggest worry right now is that all of the negative press, possible infighting and lack of confidence, etc.. is going to make it impossible for this team to focus. We'll see.

And yes, stories like the 1989 Steelers are what keep our fingers firmly crossed.

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There is reason to be filled with hope -- finally!

But, I'm not getting my expectations up too high -- too fast.

The 'Skins haven't had to buy my time since '70; I've either been stuck inside my radio dial or when games became available on TV, there. That hasn't changed. If they go, 0-16, I'll still be there. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment? As a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, I've plenty of practice!

I expect an offensive TD this week against the Chiefs. Maybe we can make it close? And the week after, I expect us to be in the game vs. Giants.

But, my expectation in reality, for our first "W", comes when Tony faces Dallass. After that, who knows? I just hope he can stay health and improve and get the rest of the team to BELIEVE.

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