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Well it's finally over....


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Lucky for me, I guess, I didn't get see a single play, other then the scant highlights they showed of the pre-season. And from the sentiments posted here, it's probably a good thing I didn't.

I'm not concerned, yet. Posters like OM, and Art, and to some extent Bulldog with his suprise positive turnaround since the KC game, have made me realize that things are not a dsimal as someone outside looking in might perceive.

We never got to see the real OL, or the real DL for that matter. George is coming around. WRs look good. Davis never got to carry the ball more than a couple of times per games and we all know that he get's better with more carries as the game goes on. Special teams ARE improving. DL, Lang id holding his own, we never got to see Bruce and should have really freash legs. Wilkinson & Coleman will be solid. I'm not to worried yet about a passrush until we start throwing some defensive curves in. Same with the Offense. Game planning will be essential and will hopefully make all this pre-season play by ear stuff look like the mirage I think it is.

But no one has really mentioned much of what the true meaning of pre-season is all about. Who makes this team?

Any surprise cuts? Any surprise people making the club. Does my boy Darrius have a shot? Is Skaggs a better alternative and so on. Who get's the axe come sunday?

I will with hold my true worries until after the first couple of weeks. If we get by SD and AZ even ugly and we show improvement all is well. Health is a necessary and we seemed to have gotten through the pre-season without making any injury headlines.

I still say 9-7, 10-6 based on our talent for our starters. Tis team is still a big a question mark, but I think we will prevail.

Marty continues to just shrug his shoulders and say "it's just pre-season" He's not going off the handle and panicking and I will stick by him for now with his attitude.

And for all of you fair-weather fans that expected to see thsi virtually new team sail though pre-season like a mack truck, this is what I think of you...<IMG SRC="http://www.texaspitts.com/bartxxx.gif" border=0>

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We now know the lines are the key.

My judgement is fully reserved on teh D-line, because Bruce is the straw that stirs that unit's drink. He makes everyone else more effective and he hasn't played at all. I remain concerned about their depth however.

I don't reserve my judgement about the RG situation on the O-line. Szott seems to be the solution for this year at LG. But we've now tried 4 or 5 guys at RG (and yes, that in itself is a problem) but none of them, not one, has had even a decent outing. And keep in mind they've been playing next to a Pro-Bowl caliber RT in Jansen, and next to experienced centers in Raymer and Fischer. That looks like a gaping hole to me, and it had better be plugged by someone very fast.


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