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The best segment of practice Tuesday morning came when the Ravens' first-team offense lined up against their first-team defense in a goal-line drill. The coaches put the ball at the 2-yard line and wished the offense luck. Running back Jamal Lewis was able to break the plane of the goal line (maybe) on his first carry, but on his second try, he skirted right end and unwisely left his feet in an attempt to dive into the end zone. In a hit heard all over Westminister, McAllister met him at the 1 with a hard right shoulder and dropped Lewis -- who weighs 30 pounds more than the cornerback -- in his tracks.

"It was a lot of right shoulder and a lot of right earhole for me," McAlister said. "I've never had to hit Jamal like that before. That's the first time we've ever gone head to head. We don't usually practice live like that, ones against ones. And if we do, Ray usually gets to him first."

The Ravens new linebacker coach is Mike Singletary, now how good could Lewis get. :twitch:

The offense scored 2 times out of 6 but even one of them was to close to call.

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