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Who would you keep and who would you let go...Salaries not withstanding...


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Your the GM...what to do...


Pos0 = To Be Determined67Albright, Ethan LSKeep79Alexander, Lorenzo DTKeep25Barnes, Kevin CBGone10Bartel, Richard QBGone54Blades, H.B. LBKeep55Bowen, Alvin LBGone17Campbell, Jason QBGone99Carter, Andre DEKeep31Cartwright, Rock RBGone15Collins, Todd QBKeep93Daniels, Phillip DEGone86Davis, Fred TEKeep66Dockery, Derrick GKeep37Doughty, Reed SKeep69Fanaika, Paul OLGone59Fletcher, London LBKeep4Gano, Graham KKeep35Ganther, Quinton RBKeep56Gatewood, Curtis LBGone64Golston, Kedric DTKeep96Griffin, Cornelius DTKeep23Hall, DeAngelo CBKepp92Haynesworth, Albert DTKeep51Henson, Robert LBGone74Heyer, Stephon OTKeep29Holmes, Lendy SGone91Jackson, Rob DEGone76Jones, Levi OTKeep12Kelly, Malcolm WRKeep30Landry, LaRon SKeep32Mason, Marcus RBKeep52McIntosh, Rocky LBKeep84Mitchell, Marko WRKeep94Montgomery, Anthony DTKeep63Montgomery, Will C/GKeep41Moore, Kareem SKeep89Moss, Santana WRKeep98Orakpo, Brian LB/DEKeep61Rabach, Casey CKeep82Randle El, Antwaan WRGone73Robinson, William OTGone22Rogers, Carlos CBKeep45Sellers, Mike FBGone 3Smith, Hunter PKeep27Smoot, Fred CBKeep11Thomas, Devin WRKeep20Tryon, Justin CBKeep34Westbrook, Byron CBKeep50Williams, Edwin CGone71Williams, Mike OTKeep95Wilson, Chris LB/DEKeep97Wynn, Renaldo DEGone87Yoder, Todd TEKeepInjured Reserve#NamePos0 = To Be Determined46Betts, Ladell RBKeep5Brennan, Colt QBKeep47Cooley, Chris TEKeep48Horton, Chris SKeep90Jarmon, Jeremy DEKeep26Portis, Clinton RBGone75Rinehart, Chad GKeep60Samuels, Chris OTKeep77Thomas, Randy GGone36Williams, Eddie FBKeep

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You have to tender JC because you don't know how the draft will turn out. If you can get Bradford/Clausen and a 2nd rd pick for JC you pull the trigger. If Bradford/Clausen are gone, go OL with the 1st rounder and OL and keep JC. It's a poker game.

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'K, from your "jostled" list buzz man, (meh, don't sweat it. **** happens when you try format something), I'd personally make the following changes, cap not withstanding in an ideal World as this thread is:

Keep: Kevin Barnes, Rob Jackson.

Gone: From the O-Line, Jones, Montgomery, Rinehart and Williams. (Heyer too if we pick up enough new bodies.); Betts and Mason from the backs; and Griff off the d-line, as much as I love him. Injury's and age are not in his favour.

Samuels and Thomas are either or dependent on their long term prognosis. Hopefully, at the least, we can get another season out of them as quality back-up's if nothing else.

I'd also be looking to pick up as many draft picks/ and/or players, for Landry, Moss, Rogers and Smoot as is possible. And as much as it pains me to say it, being my favourite current 'Skin, Cooley too being he has both the highest trade value, and we have a ready made replacement developing nicely in Davis.


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