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WP: RI: Cerrato leaving as some of his choices improve


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Cerrato leaving as some of his choices improve

Much of the criticism of Vinny Cerrato stemmed from his record in free agency and the draft, which was questionable at best. Although many considered Cerrato a puppet of owner Daniel Snyder, he had the title of the organization's top football official.

Somewhat ironically, Cerrato's "resignation" comes at a time when several of his recent moves appear to have turned out well. The offense has been more productive since Cerrato and Snyder stripped Zorn of primary play-calling duties and promoted offensive consultant Sherman Lewis to the role.

And many of the players drafted on Cerrato's watch as Washington's executive vice president of football operations the past two years have impressed recently, especially rookie defensive end/strong-side linebacker Brian Orakpo, wide receiver Devin Thomas and tight end Fred Davis.

"Nothing really surprises me around here," Thomas said. "It is kind of awkward, definitely, when the guy that brought you in leaves like this. He's a guy who knows what we're capable of, and was real supportive of us playing well, so it's tough to see this. But you know, people have been wishing this for a long time. Maybe it's just like people getting what they wished for. I guess you just really have to wait for the smoke to clear to see what happened and what's really going on around here."

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