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Solution: How About Changing Focus to Making Plays?


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so far Marty and the coaches have focused on reducing turnovers and being more conservative with the ball. While that is important it may be just as important to continue to stress that even without committing turnovers, if the team does not make plays it won't win.

The Redskins don't have a single big play in the first two games. That has to change.

Somebody on this team has to take a calculated gamble and try and make a play to get this season rolling in any regard.

I think Marty's mantra has got the entire team playing tentatively. Nobody wants to make a mistake, so nobody is making a play either.

Jeff George is not throwing the ball downfield at all, even when the patterns are called.

The defense is sitting back and not applying enough pressure on third downs to get the opposition's offense off the field.

Barker is so focused on getting the ball high it is causing him to shank his kicks and reduce distance because of the fear of the big return.

The coaching staff has to open up on offense and defense to allow guys to start making plays.

Let's face it. We have nothing to lose now. This season is toast as far as contending for a playoff spot.

The rest of the schedule is about gaining respect back and laying a foundation for the future.

I think if the coaches show more confidence in the players ability to make big plays, they will respond by making some.

Will there be mistakes as well? Yes.

But you have to score more than 3 and 0 points to win football games. And that isn't going to happen by telegraphing your plays and never taking a chance to succeed.

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I haven';t seen George go deep once except for the interception against SD. How can you open a running attack if the opposing defense knows that George is not alloqwed to throw deep? This is assinine. I guess over-discipline can suck as well because it balnks out creativity which may lead to surpirses. I haven't seen an end of round either.

Besides the big play, the team can not simply shake off blitzes either. George is either on his *** or having to scamper out because of pocket collapse. Unofrtunatley with the poor TV coverage, I can not tell if it is because our WR are not getting open or if George is just not seeing the field well.


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pen skins, that's false. It was a throwaway throw, but goerge went deep to westy late in the game yesterday. He hit westy in the hands, but the corner made a nice play. perfectly thrown ball. However, westy should have come down with it, that's why you pay a big reciever BIG money.


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