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Do you believe in kharma?


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This is probably going to come off as "new agey" and stupid, but I'll throw it out there as a change of pace topic.

Basically, have you ever found yourself wondering why players who clearly have some talent usually aren't able to see that talent fulfill itself in DC. Why coaches who have had success everywhere else look like clones of the same person when they put on Burgundy and Gold. Ever wonder if guys like Antonio Pierce, Lavar Arrington, Brad Johnson, Stephen Davis, Brain Mitchell, etc. aren't just bitter and angry, but are bitter and angry with for a little bit of a reason?

Do you ever wonder if there isn't some sort of payback for all the stupid little things like the bad ticket policies, the lawsuits, charging for training camp, firing longtime employees, and giving contracts to shiny new toys rather than workmanlike players who you never really learned to appreciate?

I guess you could also call all of this stuff mismanagement, but sometimes it just feels like bad mojo.

Say what you will about Joe Gibbs, but the man knew how to generate some powerful good kharma — usually when circumstances were at their worst.

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