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CBSSports: Redskins Flat Offense Needs Boost...Desperately


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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- For Jim Zorn's sake, this season better not be déjà vu all over again. Otherwise, he can start looking for another job.

img12201892.jpgJason Campbell's expression says it all when it comes to talking about the Redskins' offense. (US Presswire) The Washington Redskins' head coach began this season as he began the last, falling behind early in the opener to lose to the New York Giants. Of course, he rallied in 2008, winning six of his next seven games, and he better rally again because there are plenty of qualified replacements out there waiting to be called. I can think of two in particular, Mike Shanahan and Mike Holmgren, and if Zorn is to keep them on the sidelines he better open up his offense more than he did in Sunday's 23-17 loss.

I don't care that the Redskins lost; what bothers me is how they lost, which is just how they lost a year ago -- by doing next to nothing on offense. Zorn is an offensive head coach, and when he was hired he was supposed to invigorate quarterback Jason Campbell and his teammates. But that didn't happen much of last season, and it didn't happen Sunday. In fact, the Redskins' offense scored as many touchdowns for the Giants (one) as it did for itself and was too inconsistent, too safe and too unproductive when it mattered

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This article hit the nail on the head here. Not much to argue about, sadly.

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