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Sorry If it was Already Posted, but i don't like it

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Redskins | Accuracy of Ramsey a Concern - from www.KFFL.com

Thu, 3 Jul 2003 11:17:02 -0700

Mike Bruton, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, reports that Washington Redskins head coach Steve Spurrier has settled on QB Patrick Ramsey, but there is some concern about Ramsey's accuracy. He was inconsistent at times during the team's minicamp.

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I'll worry if he's still shaky at the end of August.

It was mini camp, I expect him to be a little rusty. 2nd year QB, alot of new teammates to get used to, of course he was a little off.

This news clip fails to mention that by the end of camp he was looking much better and clicking with the WR's.

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I find it hard to generate more than a little gas for the observations of a Philly writer. Ramsey is not an unknown draft pick. His play from last season has already given the coaches an accurate assessment of his strengths and weaknesses to date. I doubt that a few errant passes from a rusty arm during a minicamp have altered their perceptions or expectations. You are suffering football withdrawal. Hang in there, the season is but weeks away.

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Hey, not trying to be a wet blanket here but..............

Let's not just discount this issue just because it isn't what we want to hear. While I am, of course, hoping, praying and thinking that Ramsey WILL be the long lost stable starting QB for the our beloved Skins for the foreseeable future, he hasn't proved it yet. He hasn't PROVED much of anything yet.

Did he show us somethings last year? Abosolutely!

Does he have the natural skills and ability? Assuredly

Is he smart enough? No doubt!

Is he willing to work, has he been preparing himself in the off season? From all acounts, yes.

But while I won't go so far as to call him a rookie QB still, he is STILL VERY young and inexperienced. I am VERY psyched that the FO was wise enough to provide him with some more tools - better O-line, faster, better WRs and overal team speed - he still has to go out and get it done and that process can be time consuming.

But this is not the first we've heard about his accuracy. It has been raised before by other folks than just this one Phili hack. From what I remember, a significant issue is the fact that Ramsey lived in the shotgun at Tulane. Him having to now drop back from under center is a somewhat "new" thing for him and could quite possibly be the cause of this accuracy issue. If that's the case, that should be a relatively easy thing to fix through coaching and repetition. SS can teach a QB how to drop back right?

Which brings me to the ole ball coach. Will he NOT freak out and let the kid make those eneviatable mistakes, will SS actually do some COACHING and teach the kid how to drop back will SS show some patience, demonstrate some teaching and mentoring?

Bottomline: While I think Ramsey is THE key to a successfull 03 campaign, he is still VERY young. I just hope the coaching staff can make it happen for him, them and us. Isn't that what SS is supposed to be good at? :rolleyes:

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