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need tickets for Skins-Pats


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I am looking for 2 tickets for the preseason game Skins - Pats, don´t need parking cause I am coming from Austria/Europe to attend the game.

Ideal would be tickets in the blocks 103/102/101/141/142/140, I´ve seen them on stubhub and other sites for aroung 30 USd each, but unfortunately I am arriving a little bit close to gameday so shipment to me wouldn´t be possible but maybe one extremeskins fan would be interested to sell them via face to face pick up.

I will stay in Washington so meeting there wouldn´t be a problem.

If you can help me please feel free to PM me.


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As I posted in your other thread Harald if you dont find tickets where you want for the price you want to pay, I will actually GIVE you two of my tickets to the game on friday. Im in the UL all the way up though I have 4 seats in row 27 sec. 440. You shouldnt have a problem finding seats where you want to sit but if you dont find anything and you like the word free, just send me a PM.

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