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The Reality is the Redskins are still in-consistent with question marks in many areas of the team.

First the discouraging areas, in order of concern.

1) Still have not seen any consistency from the starting passing offense. I don't know if Zorn is playing Gibbs here and not exposing what he really has planned for the first game against the Giants or if Campbell is just not able to read the opposing D's and make the required throws to beat them. Throwing down the field is encouraging, but completions win that battle. I would like to see Campbell play an entire quarter and show some sycronicity with his WR's.

I suspect Zorn will not let Campbell cost him his job.

2) Special Teams have looked horrible on coverages both recieving and returning. I think this team is deeper than last year and with some new faces maybe it is a matter of playing together. I am really starting to think a coaching change in this area is coming, if they don't smell the sauce soon.

3) Coverage in the secondary, these guys are still playing too far off. Is this pre-season or is this Blanche via Williams and it continues from last year. With the pressure this line is going to apply there is no reason not to give our secondary more oppourtunities for INT.'s. It is sickening to see the line almost get there and the QB has enough space to complete a short pass, many times for crucial thrid downs. Why not atleast tighten coverage on those downs?

Betts has already been shredded, I will let it rest.

Okay three good ones.....

1) Major concern about the OL playing well is stiffled. They played well enough to give QB's time and RB's lanes. If this is not enough to make you feel better about the possibilities for the season then you must take off the hater shades.

2) Clinton Portis, Clinton Portis, Clinton Portis. IF there was any doubt about what he brings to the offense it was answered again last night. His vision, his blocking and the way the team responds when he is on the field should end all discussion about trading, cutting or benching the All-Pro.

3) The Defensive Line should be good enough to create sacks, fumbles and INT. for the secondary. This unit alone is worth two more wins if they continue to play together as they did last night. No wonder the OL was having some much trouble in camp and has looked pretty decent in the games. This has been a blessing and make the team worth watching in of itself.

I gotta sneak in Marko Mitchell, he may end up making us all forget about any of the others WR's in the long run.

I will add that this is pre-season, while it matters, it matters little in the grand scheme of things. It is for practice and evaluation.

In wraping this up I can't help but address something that was completely discouraging. It has been building all pre-season and the team seems to not be addressing at all. I think Zorn has gone out of his way to ignore this problem and I doubt he puts much thought into it, which is not surprising but disturbing to some.:mad:

I visited both game day threads yesterday, and one attempted to be positive only, kudos for the effort. Both thread had posters spewing the hate for players, the coach and the team they say the love. From play to play. :doh:

What a complete let down for a fan spewing such hate, the Redskins never paid one bit of attention to it. They went out and struggled to a win, over the SB champs. :D

It is getting old, but then again I have seen other boards wrecked by such fans. What ever happened to saving your criticism and rooting for the team?

:point2sky :logo: :helmet:

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