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Sean Taylor Wallpaper

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Hey Guys,

I haven't worked on a wallpaper in a while mostly because I've been really busy this summer. But the recent thread posted by Soup and LCSF (the portis wallpaper) really lit a fire under me to continue on refining my photoshop skills and make another wallpaper.

The story behind this one only lasted two days (that's how long it took me to make the wallpaper). I started and finished the background and bottom half of pictures in the first day. Then today I woke up and knew I wanted to put sean taylor above the others (in the red of the background) and I started playing around with a few things...before I knew it, half the day was gone and I had arranged 4 pictures of Sean Taylor (in the lower end of the red background). The upper most portion of the wallpaper really stumped me until tonight when I accidentally used a brush and stumbled upon this white faded look...

I'm still not sure about it and I don't know if I should add some more effects to the bottom half pictures (in black)...like add a filter to make them more white and faded like the top....I don't know...but I still like it.

Let me know what you guys think.



p.s. I don't know how to upload a super hi-res version of this on extremeskins.com so I just attached the file...and please don't use this picture (its low-res) without asking me first

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I answered your question about how you can get that grainy effect in the other thread.

You're still new to this and it is important to understand that you need to follow some artistic rules like depth, perception, focal point, etc....

I like your concept but its hard to find the focal, the piece is unbalanced. You have too much going on. I really like how you blended taylor in the background but the three pictures you have of moss, portis and the others holding the flag takes away from the focal and brings down the wall.

I would remove those three pictures and just keep the background. I like it though

Keep at it, I like your other walls

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Good critic SOUP. And good wall man. I like the idea. I notice that even the ST pics are a little unbalanced. The main image of him in the middle is fine, but the one image to his right, our left, is too close to him and too low compared to the other images. The other three images seem to be about the same height and then the one to his right is real close to the main render and real low. Bring it up to the same height as the other ones are you are good to go.

I don't mind the people at the bottom but you need to work on blending them in so the edges of the players are so hard. Just some friendly advise. Overall a nice wall, with some little tweaks it is a great wall. Keep it up.

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Thanks LCSF....I used a made a brush of Sean Taylor and used "darken" blend mode (i think).... and I really didn't plan things out and saved the brush on top of the background layer...next time I'm going to do a different layer when I'm done with a certain aspect, but yea...and I know what you mean about the hard edges...I'm going to try and work on that.

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Yeah I always mean to remember that...but I get so caught up in it that I always forget....but I definitely will do that next time because I realized that the one brush of ST was way to low and close to the middle... unfortunately it was too late.

And I just bought ------ and I must say that I absolutely love it...even for spicing up regular pictures that my family took on vacation to the beach... i can really bring out the blue's in the sky in contrast with the whites of the clouds and the blues in the ocean in contrast with the white sea foam...I just wanted to ask you though: I love your new Sellers sig...what setting did you use to make it black and white but still have definition? Or was it not ------ at all? You can send me a pm if you don't want to expose your ways...haha :)

And thanks...I've really took the advice you guys give to heart.

EDIT: I just edited out the name of the program sorry guys...this is LCSF's secret ingredient to wallpapers

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