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WMTW (ABC in Portland, Maine): Charity Poker Game Raided By Police (Happy Ending)


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BUXTON, Maine -- Buxton police raided a building where people were trying to raise money to give free food to the needy.

It happened at the Narragansett Pythian Sisters Temple on Route 22 where people were playing the card game Texas Hold'em to benefit the Buxton Community Food Co-op.

But state police said the game was illegal.

That's because whenever a gambling tournament is held to raise money for a group and takes place at its headquarters, a permit is needed and the co-op didn't have one.

So, state police seized cards, poker chips and $500 in cash -- money the food co-op desperately needed.


Via theagitator.com, with this follow-up (part of an email from a reader):

I went to the TV station’s web-site and viewed the video report. How ridiculous have our federal and local government agencies become? Well long story short, I called Mrs. Groder and let her know I am going to mail her a $500.00 check on Monday. I also called the TV station to tell them my intentions. I’m not looking for any PR out of this donation . . . I just want them to know at least someone cares a little bit about freedom and liberty.. and that both go hand in hand with

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