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Wanted: two tickets for the Rams game


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Hello all

Not sure if this is too early to post this, but am after two tickets for the first home game against the Rams if anyone has any spare for sale :)

Coming over from England to see my a Skins home game for the third year in a row :)

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I've got up to 4 tickets in the Dream seats section, I'll sell just 2 if you want them. Section 21, Row 2, on the aisle. This is just behind the Rams bench on the 50 yard line.

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Might help if people include prices in this thread. Of the seats offered, the $$$ could vary greatly anywhere from the low $100's to $1000.

Show your hand, it's not poker. :)

Sorry, but thanks for pointing that out. I didn't even realize I forgot. My tickets are 79.00 each, face value.

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I've got two available. Section 402 Row 25.

Are you British? I'd sell to you under cost if you are. I think it's awesome for a Brit to dig the skins......if you're not, then face value!

Only drawback, is you have to sit with me and three other die hard skins fans.....We yell and don't sit that much......Oh yeah, and we drink (just a little) :)

Let me know!

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