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Increased Awareness of Players Coming into NFL


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Believe me I like most of you have had my brain wrecked this off-season as to who all will be an 09-10 Redskin. Mock drafts are so similar yet so different that after you have read 100+ you realize that you have no idea where anyone is going.

But there is 1 thing i have noticed due to these mock drafts and ones from years before i feel like i have a really good grasp on most of the players coming into the NFL. Seriously how many of you out there knew who Brian Orakpo or his stats h/w/40. time at the end of his senior year.

After you saw the Redskins were taking him in early mock drafts how many of you like me went to youtube to check out his recent highlights. The same could be said for B.j. Raji and so many other players. It gives fans a chance to learn about players who will never be on there team.

I remember the first player i did it with was #26 for the Miami Hurricanes and since then ive been addicted ever since.


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I think the first time I remember actually figuring out how to follow college players in to the NFL was with Boomer. he came to my boy scout meeting when I was a kid and I just became fascinated with him. Then when he went to the Bungles I put 2 and 2 together and just started paying attention to the big time college players coming out.

After that I just started listening to any and every friend who talked about NCAA players..

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You're right, all of these mocks/draft web sites etc. Help us keep up with players coming into the pros a little better than in the past.

Some players I am already familiar with because of the college teams I watch. (I like WVU, my g/f likes Texas, etc.) but we do get a lot more info on these players we're unfamiliar with these days.

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