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Who will make the 2003 Skins


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By no means am I anywhere near a expert, anyway I have made a list of what I think the team

Will look like for 2003 and 2004 would like any opinions good or bad I

QB: 1. Ramsey 2. Johnson 3. Hamden

RB: 1. Candidate 2. Betts 3. Watson

FB: 1. Johnson 2. Cartwight

WR: 1. Gardner 3. Jacobs 5. Russel

WR: 2. Coles 4.McCants 6. P. Johnson

TE: 1. Royals 2. Stephens

OT: 1. Jansen 2.

OG: 1. Thomas 2. Dockery

C: 1. Moore 2. Clemons

OG: 1. Foire 2. Friedman

OT: 1. Samuals 52. Sulfsted

DE: 1. Upshaw 2. Smith

DT: 1. Wilkison 2. Jermane Haley

DT: 1. Noble 2. Cowsette

DE: 1. Wynn 2.B. Jackson

OLB 1. Arington 2. L. Jackson

MLB 1. Trotter 2. Mitchel

OLB 1. Armsted 2. Peirce

CB: 1.Smoot 2. Molden

CB: 1. Bailey 2. Bauman

SS: 1.Ohlete 2. Terrell

FS: 1. Bowen 2. Lott

K: Hall

P: Barkley

KR: Morton

PR: “”


J. Skaggs


I would really enjoy to see what some of you would do

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the two things we need to have happen are:

1. the big name signees come through and exceed expectations


2. we get some unexpected major performances from 2002 and 2003 draft choices and rookie free agents working on the cheap.

it is the lack of the latter that has really prevented this team from moving ahead, perhaps nearly as much as the change in coaches, although that is still culprit #1.

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