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what a bunch of idiots....


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I wanted to run a personal credit check on someone....sitting on a wireless/cable modem tandum running at a healthy 22Mps. All these idiot coders have stuffed their pages with so many *amn animations & images that I can't get anything to load within a 24 hour window. when will coders for businesses learn that it's not the pretty page but the service?

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just venting!!! for a while there....I almost believed there was a government/media inspired coverup orchestrated by Al Gore to deprive me of my rightful access rights!!! But...luckily...I found the Super ByWay and all is good again!!!.....;)

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fan, you might want to keep on file a signed statement that

they gave you permission to check credit report. Depending

on how well you know the person, the Privacy Act can come

back to haunt you.

All it needs to say is something to the effect that you do or don't

disclose personal information to third parties.

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