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Economy may cool down demand for big names in 2010


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This years coaching changes saw alot of big names either retire or get fired. Bill Parcells is free to leave the Dolphins also, though he said he will remain with them for this season.

Bill Parcells, Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden are big names that could be available to be coaches in 2010. They will demand the big bucks and I'm not sure there will be market that can afford them in 2010 if the economy is still bad in 2010.

Teams that could have vacancies in 2010 are Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Carolina, San Diego, Houston, Jacksonville,Cincinnati and Buffalo.

Obviously all those teams won't have vacancies but those are the ones to keep an eye on. Those owners, should they have a 2010 opening; may find it cheaper to just hire a young guy instead of shelling out $5 to $10 million/year for one of those big names.

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