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WEEK 15 Expert Picks: YAHOO! Sports, ESPN, Sunday Countdown,Madden, NBC, FOX, and CBS


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Well after last week when no experts picked the Redskins they turn it around losing only two expert picks to the seemingly hapless Bunguls going 27-2. This isn't a sign of respect from the experts by any means going against a one win team. However this could be a trap game for the Redskins as the Bengals have taken NFC East teams to the limit. Namely the Giants to overtime and the Eagles to OT and the a tie. If the Redskins lose or tie this game it will effectively end their season, so it is a definite must win. The Bengals rank 32nd on offense and 24th on offense. If they Redskins are going to find that magic that allowed them to open the first half of the season at 6-2 this would be a great time to do it and get on a roll into the playoffs.

YAHOO! Sports (3 of 3):


ESPN (9 of 9): .


NFL Sunday Countdown (5 of 5):


Madden Simulation (1 of 1):


NBC (0 of 1):


FOX (6 of 6):


CBS (1 of 1):


Inside the NFL (2 of 3):


NFC Playbook (): If anybody has watched it let me know.

Total: 27-2 (Last Week @ Ravens: 0-29)



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