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A Little Levity Goes A Long Way


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Sometimes the only cure for seasonal football affective disorder is some self depricating humor.

Please add you favorite Redskins jokes. This one's my favorite by far.

So I was on my way to a Redskins home game in a particularly bad season with a good buddy and we decided that a stop at a nearby 7-11 for some pre-game brews was a good idea. We really didn't want to go to the game and we were sick of supporting such a band of losers, but they were season tickets that were paid for long ago and figured what the hell.

Nearing the stadium we unfortunately had picked a store in one of the worst crime areas in Southeast DC. Nonetheless we vigilantly bounded into the store for our beer and snacks. Being conscious of my vehicle sitting unattended and garnering a degree of attention by being foolishly decked out in Redskins regalia, we quickly paid for our refreshments and returned to my car.

Upon reaching the driver's door my heart leapt as I saw that my window had been smashed out in an apparent burglary attempt. After sweeping away the carnage of crushed tempered glass in my seat, I hurriedly suryed the interior for an inventory of what was stolen. My car stereo was intact, my cell phone rested comfortably on my center console along with my I-Pod, new Blackberry and money clip stuffed with cash that I absentmindedly left behind. Completely befuddled I began to enter the car when my buddy commented on how lucky I was and that's when I remebered that I had left my game tickets clipped to my visor. I nearly came out my skin when the motive of the crime had revealed itself. Where my two tickets for the Redskins game had been secured to my visor there were two additional tickets.


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