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Campbell is without a doubt the problem


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Please everyone stop using Tom Brady and the Super Bowl as an example of how important line play is. They still were a miracle catch away from victory. This example not only sucks, but is wrong. Tom Brady, clearly an elite QB, still almost will his team to victory.

Jason Campbell is Ryan Leaf, but not as talented. He doesn't have it mentally, and is not an emotional leader. In the beginning of the season we were relying on Portis to win games for us. That's why we lost week 1. Portis was shut down. Now our RB is hurt and we suck again. It's not a coincidence, the line hasn't changed until Samuels and Jansen got hurt. Campbell is nothing without elite play from his running back, which by definition would mean he is at best average. He is no game breaker or game changer in any way; game manager with awkward mechanics, poor accuracy over 15 yards, and a slow release is probably the best description. He's too calm under pressure. I get the feeling he is so calm, he doesn't know what is going on. I know Zorn sees this.

Too lazy to read this paragraph?

Synopsis: Campbell is nothing without elite talent (or just superior temporary performance) around to support him.

But yes, our Oline is atrocious, old, and injury prone on the edges, and combined made around 30 million this year. Great position to be in. Go Skins. I am a huge skin fan, but there are some serious problems with the current team. I think Vinny needs to change his philosophy.

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