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Bad o-line, what about 1992?


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Okay, that's really a long time ago. If my memory serves me correct, injuries decimated our offensive line that year. We were defending superbowl champs having a tough season but someone we found a way to get into the playoffs and nearly upset the 49ers in round 2.

I remember people where saying Gibbs did his best coaching job that year, even more so than his superbowl years.

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obviosuly having a good Oline doesnt hurt! LOL why wouldnt we want a great OLIne . but the fact is, every QB gets pressured and every QB will not have perferct protection. its what QBs do when they dont have perfect protection with wide open recievers and no pressure. Campbell is mediocre. actually, right now,, i would rate that guy below avg. horrendous QB. everything about him is awful. his fundamentals. basics. or lack there of. his drop steps are awful. he looks like a robot. he cant side step, step up, roll out from weak side, he has no quick release, holds the ball too long, his annoying 7 steps drop, .....

i could go on and on.

he makes plays when there is perfect protection and wide open receivers. and when there is good protection and no pressures, he still cant get it done all the time. very inconsistent at making plays and overall, just mediocre.

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