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Youth in the Trenches?


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A few questions:

Considering our issues in getting a pass rush, is there a reason we're keeping a 26 year old former first rounder in Erasmus James from getting P/T behind an injured Jason Taylor and Andre Carter, a raw Chris Wilson, and an ineffective Demetric Evans?

What was the logic behind keeping Stephon Heyer from playing for the past few games with Jansen playing miserably? How about Rinehardt not even getting a sniff as a goal eligible TE? With Rabach unable to hold a block, why not have Geisinger get a shot considering he actually semi- held his own (albeit briefly) as a friggin' TACKLE?

Are our young guys that terrible? Were we expecting a superbowl season this year with the over-the-hill gang?

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1. NFL observers noted that Erasmus James given the severity of his injury would not be able to get on the field and be effective until 2009. The Redskins made the trade supposedly recognizing this at the time, but then over the summer somewhere along the way the timetable on James got accelerated to 2008 instead of 2009. James is simply not there physically. He's not ready. He should be on IR right now. I like the gamble the team made with a #7 pick to get James and see if he could come back as a former top prospect, but the team's pressure on #78 to perform in 2008 was just unrealistic.

2. I agree 100% that keeping Jansen in the starting lineup after Heyer returned to health from the shoulder injury was a mistake. It was a mistake first because there was no way that Jansen's body was going to hold up for 13 games. And it didn't. Second, because Jansen is almost 33 years old, there is no upside in starting him. The Redskins are not a Super Bowl team. It was much more important to get Heyer the reps in 2008 to see if he is truly a future replacement for the team at RT.

The frustrating thing about Heyer is that Zorn had the CORRECT instincts to put Stephon back in the lineup but seemingly was talked out of it by Bugel and the veterans.

One of the problems with coaches as they get older (Bugel) is that they become attached to the vets they have coached over time and don't move quickly enough to see where players have lost skill and where replacements need to be developed.

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