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PFW thinks Chandler would be good fit.


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ProFootballWeekly.com asks personnel expert Joel Buchsbaum for his thoughts on the hottest topics in football. <br /><br />Veteran quarterback would fit in D.C.<br />Chris Chandler is known for his nicks and bruises, but the veteran quarterback showed last season his tank is not yet empty. Chandler, released Monday by the Atlanta Falcons, threw for 2,847 yards and 16 touchdowns in 12 games in 2001. Though age — he turns 37 in October — may become a factor, it makes sense for a team in transition, like the Redskins, to hire Chandler for a one- or two-year term while grooming their starter of the future. <br /><br />Buchsbaum: If the Redskins want to win next season, the best available fit at quarterback for one or two years may be ex-Falcons, ex-Rams, ex-almost everything Chris Chandler. Granted, Chandler is not the most durable or mobile quarterback around, and he’s getting up in years, but he is still very, very smart, has good size, sees the field very well and has very good arm strength. He is one of the best deep passers in the game and has very good accuracy with his deep ball. He should be a very nice fit in Steve Spurrier’s offense for a year or two while Spurrier develops a young quarterback.<br /><br />-----------------------------------------<br /><br />Don't know if this would be a good move or not.He did lead the Falcons to the SB with a strong running game,however,as the article mentions he is often injured and getting older as we speak.<br />I'm not sold on Blake and I don't think we can afford the big names I'd like to have, so maybe he'll fit.Whatever happens I think will be better off this year than last.

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