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No way... props from TSN!?!?!?

Zen-like Todd

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This article about young linebackers gives props to our crazy Fro sporting, QB jarring, 4.4 running 2nd year outside backer. Here's the pertinent chunk.

Some of the best ones:

LaVar Arrington, Redskins: In his second year, Arrington is starting to look like a franchise player and show the abilities that led the Redskins to make him the second pick of the 2000 draft. On a terrible team, Arrington has been truly excellent at times. With his athleticism, this is just the start for him.

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hi TCO,

you have to love arrington's range,and you don't get range w/o hustle..there's one play(carolina) where,he's coming on a pass rush and ends up hustling downfield to make the tackle!..eventually,like lang already has,LA will make a big play doing that..

although his big play vs carolina was more attributable to sloppy execution on the part of the panthers,arrington does an excellent job of playing the ball rather than the rec'r..although it ignited the crowd i don't believe it turned the game..i agree w/sailor,carolina just p*ssed this one away..

i.e. they had trouble establishing their running gm early on,ironically while LA was getting his head examined(i'll spare you heresmile.gif),but were having alot of success going to their rec'rs(the strength of their offense,IMO)..& once they got biakabutuka rolling,i thought it was over..but apparently,our defense holding them to 10 yds per pop on the ground left them reeling and unable to keep their rec'rs involved..dunno me

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I disagree Mark. Athletic linebackers that have speed and anticipation often are in positions to make plays before the offense is set and the quarterback has made his read.

On that play, yes, the pass was off target, but what made the play what it is the fact that Arrington got on his man so quickly and anticipated the throw.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you see a game and one team fumbles a couple of times and throws a pick and then the announcers say "well, if it weren't for the turnovers this game would have been even."

The problem with this logic is that often the DEFENSE CREATES those turnovers by having outstanding coverage downfield and by pressuring the quarterback or running back and making physical plays in the box.

I remember watching players like LT and Mike Singletary. Turnovers just seemed to come to them every week in games.

It wasn't luck or circumstances, it was talent. smile.gif

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