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Examiner: Will tired team make big push?


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Rick Snider » Will tired team make big push?

By Rick Snider

Examiner Sports Columnist 11/3/08

The final day before vacation, do you start clock watching by lunch?

The Redskins face the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight before taking off for bye week. Washington has gone longer than any other NFL team. Five preseason games. Eight regular season games. It has been a long grind since July 20. Six days each week, plenty of bumps and bruises. And don’t say poor baby, you haven’t had a vacation this year. Most people couldn’t survive a month in this world.

Defensive coordinator Greg Blache said players looked like the Confederate Army heading home from the war over the last week.

“We are tired and weary — a very beat up football team at this point in time,” Blache said, “which is why we need to take a deep breath and make one more push before the bye.”

Unfortunately, the Redskins (6-2) face the equally-bruising Steelers (5-2) at FedEx Field. Pittsburgh plays smashmouth ball like NFC East teams. The Steelers are the No. 1 defense overall and versus the pass and third against the run.

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