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Proposed NFL Rule Changes for 2009 - Humor


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NFL To Implement Ban On Tackling In 2009


The National Football League reported that experimental rules that would prohibit tackling at any point during play will be implemented for the entire 2009 season. The new rules are expected to reduce the number of injuries endured by NFL players over the season.

“These new rules are the product of the player safety research we’ve been doing for several years now,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said during the league’s weekly press conference. “We’ve been looking for new ways to reduce injuries in our league, and, to be honest, we’re somewhat embarrassed we didn’t reach this obvious conclusion sooner.”

The new rules written by the NFL’s competition committee stipulate that any attempt made by a defender to tackle an opposing ballcarrier will be assessed a 15-yard-penalty, with an automatic first down for the offense.

“I think the new rule is great,” Rams quarterback Trent Green said, neither of whose two career concussions came from actual tackles. “I think it’s really gonna open up things for us on offense. The fans are going to love it.”

The rule poses a serious challenge to most defensive coordinators, who will have only a few months to reinvent their entire defensive philosophies once the 2008 season ends.

“I don’t think [the new rules] will be that big a deal for us,” Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said. “We should be just fine with the defense we’re using now.”

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