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Cheap Green Pre-season parking available


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Edit *Only the Jacksonville game is available now.

Hey all,

I just got my Green parking confirmed through the ticket office, it's supposed to be overnighted to me and I'm supposed to get it tomorrow night.

The issue is that I already donated my preseason tickets to the Redskins charity so I dont really have any use for the preseason passes. I don't really feel like posting stuff on Ebay or Stubhub and would rather have an ESer take them.

Assuming I actually get them tomorrow night, I'm willing to dump them (preseason only) to an ESer who wants them for something like $15-$20. I live in Woodbridge and would be willing to meet pretty much anywhere in the Nova area for a quick transaction.

I'm a regular ES tailgater, so Pez/Huly, TLC, or Mark The Homer, among others, can vouch that I'm legit. If you want cheap parking for the preseason, reply here or shoot me a PM, otherwise I'll just eat the cost.


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