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Jersey Question


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I searched for this and couldnt find anything, I just wanted to know has anyone on here ever took a jersey they bought to a tailor to have it shortened because it was too long, I just wanted to know because a couple months ago I bought a cooley pro bowl jersey on ebay which is the same size as my other jerseys I have, but i've noticed its longer than these jerseys, which I think is because it is made more like a game cut jersey with the tight sleeves. So anyhow I just wanted to see if anyone has ever had a jersey shortened to make it fit better?


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Mark the Homer is the man when it comes to jerseys. He has a very informative thread on the jersey subject and he noted a few times that jersey's were shortened in certain situations. Make sure the jock tag is reattached correctly. He will probably weigh in when he sees this thread.

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