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The Skins are crushing the Eagles, no other way to say it. Unfortunately, 10-0 doesn't reflect how badly Philly's getting their collective @ss whupped, and that makes me nervous. The defense has to stay on top of these guys and give them no room to breathe, at least until we put some more distance between us and them.

Highlights: Banks' play action fake to the deep shot to Zeron was a thing of beauty. Both Stephen and Ki-Jana dominated early, Philly does seem to be adsjusting a bit. Dawkins' kill shot on Banks was ferocious. Smoot, Bailey and Green have been awesome. Samuels is neutralizing Douglas for the most part, Corey Simon is having a decent game. Ki-Jana's limp-leg touchdown will be a national highlight.

Finally, one of the most fascinating things is watching LaVar spy on McNabb. I'm listening to Sam & Sonny, but I have the FOX team on Closed caption, and Moose and Aikman are doing a good job of following this. LaVar is mirroring McNabb's every move, looking to zero in if he should pull the ball down.

Overall, a great start, let's keep it going to deny the Eagles any momentum and keep the crowd hostile to their oiwn team.

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