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Ok, my inbox is blowing up for the first time in forever.

I apologize to any of my alter egos if I left you out, but the subject line wouldn't fit it all :laugh:

Some of you know me, some don't. Bottom line is, I will talk about anything, I hold nothing back, and I'm far from politically correct.

Over the years, I've been through a lot. More than almost anyone you'll ever meet. I don't mind talking about it, and I don't mind talking about anything else.

No question is too messed up for me, and I will answer anything you ask, no matter how crazy it might seem. Remember, I was a little crazy myself once ;)

Anyhow, step in my shoes for a minute. Ask something dumb, ask something absurd, ask something completely ****ing insane if you want. I will give an honest answer to all questions. Hold nothing back, I don't even care if you just want to stop by to brutally slam me, go for it.

I obviously have a tough skin. I tend to not have a conscience, I don't know the meaning of guilt, and nothing you can say or ask will offend me, I promise.

All I want is honesty. (Ironic ain't it? :laugh: ) Don't hold back in fear of hurting my feelings, you can't, it's ok. I have learned over the years that it's better to laugh things off and keep going, because I have never let what people say or think get to me, it's just the way I roll ****es :D

Have at it, have fun. And for ****'s sake, make this thread as untypical as humanly possible without getting it closed. It's time we break the cycle of boredom we are plagued with in the offseason.

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