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Should the NFL have a Cap for Rookies


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I have always felt that ROOKIES should have limits on how much they get. I believe you must be proven before you get the CHEDDAH... I think that each rookie must sign a 2 year contract and the amount of money they get is dependant upon the order of their drafting. There is no room for re-negotiating, you must complete the 2 years before you can get a larger contract and the team that drafts you gets first shot and if you are a proven player and decide to go somewhere else then the team that signs you gets a draft pick depending on you previous 2 years in the league. Adrian Peterson, if he had decided to go somewhere else then the team that signed him would get that teams #1 pick, but Ted Ginn Jr would of course not get a #1, maybe a #2 or 3. ETC....


pick 1- 5 mil for 2 years

and each spot lower gets 250 thousand less for top 10. After that, all cash monies are the same. 2.5 mil for 2 years. There are no incentives within these contracts. STRAIGHT CASH HOMEY.

That is me though

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The entire NFL salary structure needs to be changed. Free agency has created the mediocrity the NFL wanted as far as playing but it sure as heck didn't create mediocre salaries. How about a cap for everyone, starting with the draft, player positions, seniorority, FA's, etc? Even coaches should have a salary cap.

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Last I looked, no one held a gun to NFL management's head and said they had to pay the money any rookie is asking. Last I heard no one forces us to buy CP jerseys, Redskins souvenirs, tickets to home and away games or me and my NFL Sunday ticket. All of that money goes to the owners and, last time I looked, Coach Dan isn't driving a 12 year old minivan because the players cost him so much and the franchise is losing money.

So it doesn't bother me now that some 23 year old kid is able to get lots of millions out of old DS. We call these guys athletes, but in reality they're entertainers. I don't moan and groan that somebody like the wacky Tom Cruise gets $20 million a picture. If it bothers me that bad, I won't go to the movie. And if it bothered me what a Redskin player gets paid, I wouldn't watch them every Sunday.

Now what does bother me is being forced to mortgage my house to pay for my son's chemo when he was 2 years old. It bothers me that a doctor can withhold his services or take my house if I don't pay 50 grand for life-saving surgery for me or those I love. Those people ARE holding a gun to my head.

You're right about it not being a problem for the owners to pay them, but the real problem is that these guys get salaries based on their college performance. If you lower the salaries paid to rookies, then you allow teams to have more CAP money to work with to deal out to FAs, and other players who have established themselves and have NFL experience. This means that there is generally more money to go around, and theoretically, teams will get better across the board. This means that a better product is put on the field every week, and the only people who lose out are the rookies, who are 21-22 and about to make multi-millions of dollars per year.

Additionally, if you had say a 2 or 3 year limit on the original salaries, it would insure that all teams can re-evaluate their picks in a few years, and if they REALLY warrant it, then you can give them their massive salary.

This really only is a problem for the first rounders or so, which is such a small percentage of the overall draft class and even a smaller percentage of the NFL at any given time.

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yes! when cba is redone. how 'bout

pick #1 6yr 50 ml

pick #2-5 6 yr 40 ml

pick #5-10 6 yr 30 ml

pick #10-20 5 yr 15 ml

pick #20-32 5 yr 10 ml

rd 2 5 yr 4 ml

rd 3 4 yr 2 ml

rd 4 3 yr 1.3 ml

rd 5 3 yr 900 k

rd 6 2 yr 400 k

rd 7 2 yr 300 k

total contract not gaurenteed

You just have to keep in mind that we need to keep the very best talent in the world coming to the NFL draft. There are other upstart leagues, and its possible that a very good player MIGHT make more money in the CFL or Arena League or something like that. You have to be careful when setting these limits, because the NFL is built on having the finest competition and players in the world. The financial motivation still has to be there. Not saying that your post is necessarily on the wrong track, just using it to make a further point.

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