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OT: Browns-Jags Fiasco

Kevin West

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Can any of you remember a game where so many BAD decisons occurred?

1.Was the 4th down catch a catch? Oh wait, the Browns ran another play, so it can't be reviewed but..

2. Couch fakes a spike, then spikes anyway, which should be grounding, but..

3. The upstairs official over-rules the rule book and insists that the 4th down play be reviewed, but...

4. The fans decide to launch a plastic beer bottle assault on the field, so...

5. The Referee decides to over-step his authority, and call the game,...

6. Once the game is properly re-started, they give the ball to the Jags, who run out the clock...

7. And after the after-game is completed, Al Lerner (sp?) and Carmen Policy (gambler?) make excuses for the fans's behavior?

This game will take it's place along side the "Immaculate Reception," the "Holy Roller,"and the "Thanksgiving Game Coin Toss" in the Hall of End O'Game Infamy.

Needless to say, I don't think that Ref or any of his crew will be working the Play-Offs.

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A real stinker, to be sure. It was another galling example of the horsesh!t officiating that's been inflicted on the league since the settlement with the regular officials. The fans who peppered the field with bottles were idiots, but it was easy to predict what a bunch of drunks would do after that decision. It reminded me of that Viking-Cowboy playoff game years ago, when the official took a whiskey bottle in the head, only on a much larger scale. Thank God no one was seriously injured.

Thhat ref should join Phil Luckett (of coin-toss fame) in being demoted to back judge.

[edited.gif by Fitzman on December 17, 2001.]

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On target, but also on topic. I really don't think this qualifies as an OT post smile.gif

Do you think the refs are suffering from their hold out? I mean, you go for a few months without stretching your brain muscle and you're just asking to sprain it the first time you have to work it real hard.

[edited.gif by mardi gras skin on December 17, 2001.]

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what is really ironic is I have watched so many games where in the last two minutes there were game changing calls that screamed for replay and yet the broadcast booth official sat silent and allowed the game to go on without review.

if indeed the replay official tried to communicate with the field people and was unsuccessful in doing so, "thems the breaks" as they say.

After all, when an official makes an incorrect call and the league admits that later on after watching the replay, isn't the standard answer that "we are sorry about the blown call, but you lose the game anyway" ?????

So, in this case the failure of the officials to get their equipment working to conduct a review of the catch/no catch by Morgan should have been moot after the next play was snapped.

"sorry Jacksonville but the play was ruled a catch on the field and the ball was snapped before a replay could be called"

Aren't those the rules?

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