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Dan Snyder Is Dead (joke)


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Ok. I just read the first few lines of his real Wikipedia page and this is what it said:

Daniel M. Snyder (born 1964 or 1965) is the current owner of the Washington Redskins football team, Chairman of the Board of Six Flags Inc.[1], the world's largest amusement park and theme park operator, and owner of the Johnny Rockets restaurant chain. Snyder is currently considered one of the worst owners in professional sports behind Bill Bidwell (Cardinals), the Ford family (Lions) and Peter Angelos (Orioles). His constant meddling and arrogance has created a new era of mediocrity for the Redskins. He has diminished much of the goodwill that his predecessor Jack Kent Cooke built.


I thought it was kind of funny.

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The old saying goes if you have to explain a joke, it probably wasn't that funny,( I've had that problem on more than one occasion). This would definitely be one of those times. That and this type of thing would get out of hand for everyone and I have better things to do,(like laundry), than to do all that warn people and be all mod like tonight.

Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up.

That's an example of what I mean. Bad taste in my opinion.

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