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My first post.


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I have visited this forum for a long time now. Reading the topics and seeing the way we treat opposing fans makes me proud to be a Redskin fan myself. I admit, I cried during the whole Sean Taylor thing. Actually, I cried pretty hard.

It's been a really emotional year for anyone that calls themselves a real Skin fan. This year is almost a preview of what the past few years have been like for us. Seeing our guys leave it on the field every single week commands my respect and admiration. I am pretty sure if I wasn't a Redskin fan for 28 years already (yeah I was a fan even in the womb) I would be motivated to switch teams to the Skins now. Through it all, the losses, the near wins, the AWESOME wins and the loss of our beloved free safety, my heart still beats for these Skins.

I look forward to seeing our guys play their hearts out for years to come. (And maybe making it to the big dance this year? :D )

P.S. Thanks for being great fans.

HTTR. :helmet:

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