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Tampa Roll call (its early I know) but lets start planning


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Lets get this roll call under way. Where you at Monkart?

Ill bring some dogs.

I know its early, but who else will be traveling to Fedex south in early January?

We should still have some nice weather, but leave the bathing suits at home for this one.

The Bucs dont want NONE of us and I want ALL of them.

Ok, for real...1 game at a time but Im still planning ahead.

I will also have my Skins flag flying high and my "FedEx South" signs hanging from the street signs off himes again!!!

HAIL :point2sky

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We STILL owe them for that Mike Alstott nonsense. One playoff elimination wasn't enough. Plus they denied us our win-for-Sean (okay, we denied ourselves). IF we make it that far...they have it coming from us huge.

I agree we owe them big time....but just to clarify and correct (no disrespect meant) the Bucs didnt denie us of the "win for Sean"....we played the Bucs the day this all happened. It all went down at 1:40ish AM on Monday Morning. Remember had he been with the team, none of this probably would have happened... :(

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