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WEx - Gibbs’ last stand?


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WASHINGTON (Map, News) - s Joe Gibbs on the way out? With four games remaining, it seems everything is in play.

Yes, I’m reversing my recent position there’s no way the Redskins coach leaves this offseason barring a total collapse. Well, the Redskins are indeed collapsing with four straight losses and three playoff contenders remaining. Sean Taylor’s death was jarring. This has been the toughest time in his career, Gibbs conceded.

I’m not saying Gibbs will or won’t leave. It seems that uncertain. However, Gibbs sounds like a man with retirement on his mind. While everyone considers life changes after a close friend or relative’s death, long-time Gibbs watchers were surprised by the tone of his remarks over spending more time with family. It seemed a little more personal, a little too true to dismiss.

“What happens to you during something like this — from the time Dan called me — probably makes you reflect on a lot of things for yourself personally,” said Gibbs following Taylor’s death on Nov. 27. “Where do you put your occupation? Where do you put your friends? Your family? Your kids? Your grandkids? And you realize life is so fragile. That for me is what I’m dealing with most of the time.”

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