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remember gish???


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remember this joker, everytime i see a report on the dolphins further degeneration i think of this Moron and his idiotic banter:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :phinsuck: :phinsuck: wonder where ole gish is tonight?

PS yes i realize we are a very shaky 4-2 but at least we are not a solid 0-7:laugh: :laugh:


"im just trying to add to the millions of other jokes whose punch lines are at the expense of the Redskins. The longer your team waits to clean house in the front office, the longer you team is doomed to suffer. Coming from a Dolphins fan, we watched as ripped to shreds by Dave Wannstedt and Rick Spielman. They totally messed our team up. Saban was an improvement. But Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron are taking the right steps towards building a team. Our team was addicted to free agents for years and it left us over the cap every offseason and without many draft picks. And it only got worse with the more free agents we signed. Now our FO is bulding through the draft and stock piling picks for the future.

I see the same things in Washington as I have seen in Miami. Things are going to get worse for you guys before it gets any better. With all due respect to your franchise and to Joe Gibbs. I think its time that he moved on. You guys would be smart to go after Cowher in the offseason and get a true GM. I know that may be hard to swallow. But OMG it pays off in huge ways to have the right guys calling the shots.

BTW, im not saying any of this as a diss to the team. Im sure all of you know that your team is missing something. Just giving an outsiders view of what might be wrong.

And just so you know. Miami is gonna put up 35 points on you Sunday."

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