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Upset after a win


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I know that in standings an ugly win counts the same as a pretty win but in my 30+ years of being a Redskin Fan I can not remember being this upset after a win!

We could of blown this game, like our two loses, in the second half after playing pretty solid first halves. We did not put a team away again in the second and let them hang around and almost suffered our 3rd loss of the season.

If it was not for miscues in the kicking game and bad call on a 2 pt conversion there could have been OT in game where the Cardinals O were moving the ball and our O and 3 three-and-outs in the 4th quarter.

When the Cardinals missed the 2 pt conversion I looked over at the Redskin Fans in the bar and said “Don’t celebrate yet, we still have to get the onsides kick back”

I really don’t know what to expect from this team?!?!? We are 4-2 but I feel we are doing it with smoke and mirrors and I am waiting for the bottom to drop.

When Rackers missed the game winning FG at the end I felt more relief then joy and if you saw me talking to other Redskin Fans after the game you would have thought we lost the game.

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